It’s that time of the year again...

suit up! 2020

About the Campaign

We invite you to join us in in a demonstration of appreciation and support for the outstanding achievements of My Brother’s Keeper High School Seniors. These young men have display discipline and character to achieve excellence in the following areas


They have consistently maintained impeccable attendance.


They have retained above average level of academic excellence.


They have demonstrated responsible civic behavior and leadership.

Community Involvement

They have selflessly contributed to their communities.

Each year the My Brother’s Keeper programs rewards the exceptional performance of our high school seniors by providing them with a distinguished ensemble. This ensemble consists of a custom-tailored suit, shirt, tie, belt and shoes from Joseph A. Banks.

This is our way of draping them with the honor they deserve and cladding them with a professional appearance. Projecting a professional image will be essential as they embark upon the journey toward their promising futures.

Our graduating MBK seniors need suits for graduations, proms, job interviews and college. But what is even more important, is their need to feel supported by the communities they have served and will continue to serve in the future.

Imagine for a moment what it was like when you graduated from high school to begin your life’s adventure. How would you feel if someone gifted you a new suit as a gesture to robe you with honor and encourage your continued success? If you can imagine that feeling then you can imagine just how much these suits mean to our MBK scholars. Therefore, we implore to make a contribution of any size to show your support for these outstanding young men.

All contributors will receive a thank you correspondence with photographs of all the graduates in their suits. All contributions over $100 will also receive an actual thank you card with a message from the students that is personally by each and every MBK suite recipient. All contributions over $1,000 will also receive an exclusive VIP invitation to the MBK stole event where we shall celebrate the transition of these young men from one life stage to another.

The MBK program is a national initiative that was launched by Barack Obama in 2014 to address the persistent opportunity gaps faced by young men of color. The program is designed to ensure that all young people can have access to the resources and opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential. Fortunately, our MBK chapter current serves seventeen high schools within the Fort Worth Independent School District.

We thank you in advance for your generous support.